This week we just had to report on a truly wonderful story we discovered. For one bride’s parents who knew their daughter was very sick and unlikely to have a real wedding of her own one day, they threw her her very own wedding party, fulfilling her biggest wish in life – to be a bride.

Meet Lori Dawn

The remarkable Lori Dawn was born with cerebral palsy along with other health complications. She was not expected to walk or talk, and now she does both. She’s incredibly fragile and at age 42, her tenacious attitude and determination means she leads a wonderful and happy life… but for one wish, to be a bride. Because of her inability to speak properly, her parents feared she may not get to be a bride for real - so they decided to throw her a full-blown wedding party.

The Party to End All Parties

Lori’s parents went all out to give their daughter something beyond her wildest dreams. Family, friends and neighbours all attended the celebration that took months to plan as she poured over pictures of brides and all things wedding.

The Dress

Lori’s mother’s own wedding dress was altered to suit her daughter.

The Bouquet

There wasn’t one… there were 3! And Lori threw them all with gusto.

The Aisle Walk

Both Mum and Dad walked Lori down the aisle to begin her special party.

The Groom

You can’t have a wedding party without a groom! And this one was no exception. Lori had attended a Michael Jackson concert in Las Vegas some time prior, and the singer had knelt and kissed her hand. She was euphoric – and so it made perfect sense for a Michael Jackson impersonator to be her husband for the day.

The Cake

The wedding cake had a whopping four tiers and a doll topper. Neighbours contributed food too and bright, twinkling lights were a plenty.

The Honeymoon

Everyone saw Lori and her Michael Jackson husband head into an elaborate carriage where they went off for a horse drawn trot around the block.

The Message

Just why is this story so beautifully heartwarming? Firstly, the love and happiness it brought to someone with a truly beautiful soul. Secondly, because it’s about having a disability yet still having your dreams come true. Her mother Grace said:

“It's not about anything but somebody seeing her dream come true. That you can have a disability and still be what you want to be and that's what I want people to see."

We couldn’t agree more.