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Wedding Pictures Every Couple Should Have On Their Big Day

With your wedding coming up and preparations underway, you may already have booked the photographer. It’s worth thinking about that early on as some professionals take bookings well in advance and get snapped up months ahead. When it comes to talking through the day, don’t just leave it to them to decide which shots you’ll want to be included in your wedding album. Have a chat through the kind of options that will make your wedding day photos worth looking back through again and again.

Of course, you’ll want to capture those key moments - the cutting of the cake, the signing of the register and the whole wedding party. But here are some individual shots you might just want to consider adding in.

Think about your venues - both the ceremony and the reception if that’s somewhere else. Are there any iconic beauty spots or architectural features you’d want to be included? A picture window, a bridge, an impressive staircase or an ancient oak tree are examples of the kinds of places you might want to pose to remember the moment. A good wedding photographer will be on the lookout for ideal locations, including the aerial view of your entire wedding party from a high window or balcony. Get creative.

You’ll want to capture the romance, not just have documentary evidence of the day you tied the knot. What that means to you as a couple will depend on your personalities and interests. Whether you met during a tennis match, or mountain climbing, or at Bingo, you can include props and poses that will conjure up that magic once again.

Private moments with just each other and the photographer tend to be the most precious photographs, so make sure there’s time to come away from the crowds and take a breather. It’s good for the album, but it’s also a great way to pace yourselves and remind each other to stay present in the day rather than let it run away.

The unexpected moments make great wedding photo opportunities. If there’s a sudden downpour, make sure you snap the moment the umbrellas came out. In fact, if you’re getting married during a wetter season, or you’re going for an outdoor celebration, you could have a box of umbrellas at the ready - multicoloured, classic black or wedding day white - for a practical and eye-catching scene.

Not all the best photos are taken by the pros. In the days before smartphones, you might have been wise to hand a few disposable cameras around to key guests, asking them to photograph those moments that would normally go unnoticed, around the tables at the reception, or adorning the car in secret, ready for the bride and groom to leave. These days, there are apps that will enable all your guests to pool their favourite shots from your wedding for all to see online, and for you to choose to print. You’ll probably end up with far more than you need!

One final one. How about a silhouette - on the beach, on the hill, by the gate - that shot that shows the end of your beautiful day. You’ll only have one chance to capture that. Make sure you plan ahead.

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