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The Romantic and the Robotic: Wedding Stories from Around the World

We go around the world for this week’s blog, showcasing two of our favourite weird and wonderful wedding stories. The first defines the idea of romance and the second redefines what we consider a wedding to be! Read on to find out what’s got our tongues wagging this week.

Woman with Amnesia Gets Second Wedding

This story is so romantic it brought at tear to our eyes! Imagine having the most beautiful wedding of your dreams, only to suffer a horrific car accident just months later, making you forget your special day. This is the terrible true story faced by a new bride from Tennessee, USA who forgot all the details of her wedding including the proposal and months leading up to the big day. Justice and Jeremy Stamper were married in an intimate ceremony surrounded by close friends and family but, in spite of seeing hundreds of photos of the event, Justice couldn’t remember a thing.

Rather than be disheartened by this, her romantic husband Jeremy decided to throw her another wedding, one that she would never forget. He started a GoFundMe page asking others to donate to the new ceremony to make it something truly memorable. The guestlist has also been extended to incorporate all of the lovely people who have helped them reach their target so far. Jeremy said of his bride Justice, “Our first wedding was beautiful and perfect but this time, I want Justice to truly be blown away. She really deserves it." Aww, how adorable! We have a feeling they will have no problem reaching their $5,000 target, especially with such a romantic tale behind it! We wish them all the happiness in the world.

Robot Wedding in…Yes, You Guessed it: Japan!

We all know Japan has its own distinct culture which in itself has many sub-cultures present. Whether it is a traditional culture such as the historic geisha, or a modern ideology like the world famous Harajuku fashion, they have a quirky way of doing things which is to the western world both odd and charming. This next wedding tale however may surprise you – the first nuptials shared between two robots were celebrated on June 27th, with people paying $81 to watch!

The bride was an android named Yukirin, who was made in the likeness of a Japanese pop Yuki Kashiwagi whereas the groom, named Frois, resembled something from a 1950s B-movie. In spite of the weirdness, the ‘couple’ enjoyed a stroll down the aisle, the cutting of a wedding cake and even a first kiss, although the Frois’ extendable lips are somewhat creepy! We all know that Japan has a lot of ‘firsts’ and most of them have involvement in technology in some way – but this isn’t what we expected! May they have many bars on their battery and never succumb to rust!

If you know any weird and wonderful wedding stories, why not get in touch and let us know!

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