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The Best of Guests: How to Approach Your Wedding Guest List

When planning your special day, deciding who to invite and who to omit from the proceedings has been known to lead to disagreements. Here, we look at how to create your perfect wedding guest list and some great new smartphone apps designed to help in all aspects of wedding planning.

Who makes the cut?

Between you and your spouse-to-be, there are family, friends, co-workers, distant relatives, neighbours and aquaintences to consider when coming up with your guest list. With a massive budget it can be possible to invite everyone and their dog to your wedding, but for those not wanting to break the bank or those who prefer a more intimate ceremony and reception, deciding who makes the cut can be hard. No couple wants to forget or omit friends or family members who may take offence to not being invited, but it’s important to remember that it is ultimately your day.

Your parents may have their own agenda in the inviting process, suggesting numerous distant family or friends of theirs whom they feel must be at your wedding. Equally, your colleagues and extended aquaintences, who have been privy to your plans over the past month, may expect to be get the gist. It is important to be realistic about how many people you can cater for and be a little cutthroat in your decision making, making sure only to invite people who you cannot imagine getting married without.

Help from the apps!

If all the planning is getting too much for you, your smartphone may have the answer! There are many wedding planning apps available, including Wedding Guest List which has a comprehensive list of features, from customisable seating charts and RSVP checklists to budget guidelines and spending trackers. Wedding Planner for iPad is another app with a broad range of features, encompassing not just the guest list, but every aspect of the wedding. Through this app, you can contact wedding vendors, create to-do lists and reminders and even look at sample colour schemes to help inspire the theme of your big day.

Planning a wedding down to the last detail can be a stressful process, and feeling bad about having to not include some people you know in the proceedings is an added pain. However, it is a necessary part of the planning process and one that must be dealt this regardless. As long as the people who are truly important to you and your partner are there, it will be a truly special and magical day.

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