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WedTexts Perfectly Blends Modern Tech with Traditional Nuptials

Just last week we posted up a tech-based blog remarking on the latest gadgets couples were incorporating into their weddings. You can read the post in its entirety here but to recap the new additions to the modern day wedding included:

• Drones to take aerial photos
• Monitors to track the heart rate of the bride and groom
• Go Pro cameras beneath the wedding bouquet for an eye-level view
• Selfie sticks
• 3D printed wedding toppers
• And even robot bartenders!

Ok the robot bartenders were from one particularly extreme tech-tastic wedding but drones and selfie sticks are most definitely on-trend tech for the big day at present.

We were excited therefore on our Twitter travels to learn about the wonderful WedTexts. This company, based in America, eliminates the excuses “I lost the invite” and “I never received it” forever with their fantastic app.


The premise is simple – it’s an SMS messaging app for your wedding. You can alert guests to new locations, changes in date, remind them of pending events such as rehearsal dinners and so on.

Messages can be scheduled in advance and sent to certain groups of people – such as the bridal party only for hen do planning and such. You can also select people direct from your phone and don’t have to re-enter everyone’s details in.

Bye bye logistical nightmare and hello 21st century wedding planning.

Learn more about them here and watch their introductory video here. We’ll also be featuring on the WedTexts blog soon too, so watch this space for our "Top 5" feature.

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