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Wedding Belles: How Wedding Umbrellas Can Add A Touch of Magic to Your Big Day

Wedding umbrellas and parasols can be seen as a necessity for those getting married in England with our classic weather always running the risk of washout! However the wide variety of wedding umbrellas available make them perfect for so many other uses too. Here we look at some exciting and unexpected ways to incorporate umbrellas and parasols into your special day.

1. Use it to make a statement!
The hanging umbrella decoration has been used in many art installations to create a powerful statement. The effect this one creates is reminiscent of the tales of Alice in Wonderland, giving a quirky yet quaint feel to your wedding, adding a splash of colour and style.

2. Use it to create a contrast
Wedding pictures are one of the most important parts of the day and some brides may feel like the all-white theme could be a little boring so creating a contrast is an excellent way of breaking things up a bit. Using a coloured umbrella such as this offers a burst of brightness and can be teamed with the colour of your flowers or bridesmaids dresses to help coordinate your guests and add an over-the-rainbow feel to your day.

3. Use it to make a frame
This gorgeous picture demonstrates how a simple umbrella can add a sense of old-fashioned sophistication to your wedding photos. The couple pictured are enveloped together beneath a shared umbrella  symbolising their journey together as a team. The clear domed parasol looks great in black and white photos but its neutral style also suits both bride and groom.

4. Use it to reinforce femininity
This beautiful lace parasol brings a touch of magic to this photo along with some glamour! Depending on what style of wedding you choose, the femininity of parasols like the one in the picture create a classic Victorian look which in this case, works perfectly to accentuate the elegance and beauty of the bride.

5. Use it to send a message
Traditional wedding thank-you cards are one thing, but including something a little bit different can make a wedding one to remember...and save on spend of course! This picture on our Pinterest board, using an oriental-style paper parasol, shows how simply the message can be put across and has a more personal touch compared with the more old-fashioned wedding cards.

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