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Wedding Umbrellas - Pretty vs Practical

Everyone hopes for the sun to shine on their wedding day. More so if your wedding includes an outdoor venue. However, living here in the UK we all know the weather is some what unpredictable.

We can be sunning ourselves up like we are in Dubai one second then taking cover from the torrential downpours like monsoon season in Thailand. In a nutshell, the UK just can't make up its mind when it comes to the weather forecast.

Due to the ever changing forecast, plenty of couples have to resort to buying a bulk of umbrellas just in case of any downpours to not just protect the wedding party but all attending guests too.

With a vast number of wedding umbrellas on the market nowadays how do you know which ones to choose from and deal with the constant debate - do you go pretty or do you go practical?

Thankfully Jolly Brolly are here to help with this dilemma as we have both very pretty umbrellas which are all practical too. We have a wide range of umbrellas to fit all your wedding needs, no matter what budget you are on or style you are going for all our wedding umbrellas can fit within your requirements and are all 100% waterproof.


If you are just wanting a bunch of umbrellas to have just in case but don't fancy making them an actual feature of the wedding we have our simple Jolly Brolly umbrellas that come in a variety of colours including white, ivory and black, your classic wedding colours!

These umbrellas are pretty basic with a solid colour canopy but can be bought in bulk if you're having a larger wedding and if a sudden downpour erupts then your covered...literally!

Mid Range

Our mid range of umbrellas is for people who want to maybe use the umbrella for more than just a down pour. For example, if you're pretty certain that rain will make an appearance then you can include umbrellas in photos and make them more a feature, in that case, you might want some that have a bit more to look at rather than just plain and practical.

Some of our most popular wedding umbrellas fall in this range, for example, our Victorian Lace Umbrella looks amazing in photographs to come rain or shine, or our Boutique style umbrellas which really are a statement of their own. These umbrellas mostly come in traditional colours of Black or White but we do have some that come in other colours such as an array of Pinks, Beiges and Silver which could really compliment your wedding depending on its theme.


Our branded umbrellas are on the top end of our price ranges but all still very affordable at under £30. If you are wanting your wedding umbrella to really make a statement then these are for you. We stock the stunning Molly Marais umbrellas which come in marvellous designs that anyone would want to include in their wedding photos. Whether you are wanting to pattern, with frills or something a bit more modern and contemporary this brand will have you covered!

Still undecided with what umbrella is right for your big day? Head on over to our wedding shop and take a look for yourself.

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