Getting married on Valentines Day? February 14th is traditionally a day of romance and high emotion. If you’re hoping to do more than send a card and you’re actually ready to tie the knot in the next few weeks, here are some wedding tips to enhance your Valentine’s wedding day.

First of all, let’s assume you’ve chosen this day because of its Valentine’s significance rather than because it was the only date the vicar had free. But even if you went for Valentine’s Day for other reasons such as your February birthday, you’ll want to bring out some of the traditional Valentine's symbolism. That means lots of roses, hearts, red and pink touches, and romantic flourishes here and there. Think ribbons on the cake, the fragrance of casually scattered petals, and the ambience of candlelight. You may have chosen minimalism as your theme, but on Valentine’s Day don't stint on those small and essential touches of flamboyance.

Your wedding music on Valentine’s Day could pick up on classic romance tunes that get people nostalgic and misty-eyed. But if jazz and 1950s Hollywood isn’t your thing, even a few well-chosen modern day Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift ballads could be what you’re looking for. More or less, anything goes, as long as you find it romantic. We reckon some couples could probably even pull off a convincing Marilyn Manson for their first dance and still make it feel like Valentine’s Day.

When it comes to the wedding day dessert, how opting for an avalanche of sweets and chocolates - perhaps presented in a massive handmade heart-shaped chocolate box with a huge red satin bow. Perfect for toasting the happy couple with pink champagne. If you don't fancy a big traditional cake, you can be romantically creative with lavish iced cupcakes.

Valentine’s Day is about youthfulness and lightness and happily-ever-afters, so how about tapping into some Disney magic for your own Valentine’s Day wedding. You might not want to dress like Cinderella or Belle, but you could borrow some of the music and pick up some fairytale props and glitter to bring the romance to life. Imagine some quirky candlesticks, old clocks, piles of huge old fashioned leather bound books on which to place your cake or flowers.

Whether or not you actually allow Cupid to make an appearance in person and pose with the couple and guests for the photos is absolutely up to you of course. But you might have some little bridesmaids and pageboys who would love to disguise themselves as their favourite traditional story characters and hand around heart-shaped chocolates to the guests. Stock up on those heart-shaped chocolates, if your little ones are in charge. Buy double just to be safe.

Hope that's sets you up for a last minute Valentine's wedding!