Having the best venue for your wedding will help you marry (pun totally intended!) together your theme with the surroundings, encapsulating your most important day within the most perfect setting. There are many questions to pose to your first choice venue if you are to be sure the day will run smoothly, and here we will talk about types of venue and which questions to ask to get the most from them.

Traditional Wedding Venues

If you and your other half wish to exchange vows in a time-honoured and traditional way, there are a variety of venue options available to suit your tastes. The most popular choices are:

A Church: Probably the most traditional of all and still one of the most popular choices with regards to venue. Not only is a church a spiritual place for Christians to get married under the eyes of God, it is also a majestic and awe-inspiring environment in which to say ‘I do’.
A Manor House: Downtown Abbey, eat your heart out! For a bit of sophisticated, turn-of-the-century glamour, why not choose a lavish country pile for your big day. Manor houses are often available for weddings and have luxurious rooms with gorgeous décor, and sprawling gardens which are perfect for some wonderful photo opportunities.
A Country Barn: Some couples wish to be traditional without having the fanciness of the above venues, in which case, a country barn is a great choice. Rustic charm and the wonders of nature come together in a theme suited to down-to-earth couples who want to exchange vows comfortably and in an old-fashioned way.

Contemporary Wedding Venues

For couples who want something a little different for their wedding, choosing a venue which speaks about your personality is an excellent way to create something memorable. Some outside-the-box ideas include:

A Beach: Whether it be on home soil or somewhere exotic, a beach ceremony is a fun and vibrant choice of venue. With the endless expanse of sea and the soft white sand under your toes, it can feel like a honeymoon before the vows have even been exchanged! Great for hippie couples or lovers of surfing and watersports.
A Zoo: Animal lovers may want the world and its pets to know that they love one another and many zoos and safari parks offer wedding packages. Some larger facilities even have hotels making it easier for your guests to travel and enjoy your day.
A Theme Park: Adrenaline junkies or just big kids can enjoy getting hitched at a theme park. You do not have to say ‘I do’ whilst looping on a rollercoaster but the option is there! Families and friends can enjoy the rides and entertainment whilst couples add some retro glamour and fun to the proceedings.

The Important Questions

It is all well having your heart set on a venue but you need to be sure they can offer you exactly what you had in mind. If you ask the right questions and get the right answers, you can be sure that your first choice venue is how you dreamed it would be. The questions to ask are:

Are there any other weddings on that day? Most couples are not too pleased about sharing their venue with another wedding party as it can detract from the intimacy and special feel of your day. Be sure to ask the venue if they have any other bookings and whether your wedding can be exclusive.
Do they have a package and what does it include? Some venues have extensive packages which can include everything you need in the total price but it is imperative that you confirm what they can and cannot do. The last thing you need is to assume the price includes food, drinks, waiting staff and photographers only to show up on the day to an empty reception room.
Can I personalise the venue? If you wish to add some of your own sparkle to the day, by way of flowers or decorations for instance, it is important to check that the venue does not have restrictions on personal décor or suppliers as this can lead to grievances, which you do not want on the big day!
Is it what you want? Do not feel pressured into putting down a deposit on a venue you are not sure of, even if they offer you a discount. Do your research and shop around until you find something perfect. There is no point paying thousands of pounds on a sprawling country estate when you can get everything you want more cheaply elsewhere.

With so many places out there, you can be sure to find something that makes you both feel perfect and content. Perhaps a wedding at your local church trumps a castle wedding in the countryside, and perhaps a reception in your back garden works better than a huge party at the country club. Talk with your partner and decide what is important to you and how best to include those things in your perfect wedding venue.