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Building a website for your wedding? Here’s some quick tips...

Creating a wedding website is something that is fairly new to wedding planning, but many brides and grooms-to-be have found that it is very helpful in keeping their guests up to date with exactly what is going on with their big day.


The main point of a wedding website is so that you can provide a large amount of information to your guests quickly and easily, cutting out any unnecessary phone calls. It is a particularly good route to consider if your wedding has multiple venues and events happening throughout the day, which will avoid any confusion on the day. Using a website is also a great way to inform people of any changes that may arise throughout the planning process and you can even include a FAQ page.

Being able to design your own wedding website ultimately means you are able to design it in any way you wish. You can tailor it to the style of your wedding so any guests looking at it will instantly know the vibe of your wedding.

Key information to include:

A key piece of information to include on your site which is often overlooked is details about the dress code. This is especially important if you are planning on having a non-traditional wedding where ‘suited and booted’ wouldn’t be the best fit. Additionally, make sure suggested footwear for the day is included. If you’re saying “I do” at the beach then the ladies will want to know not to wear their nicest or highest heels. You can also provide the weather forecast for the day to help guests decide what to wear, as well as consider investing in cheap umbrellas for weddings as part of their attire if required.

Another great piece of information to provide your guests is a list of recommendations for places to stay.  Links to nearby hotels, taxi numbers, perhaps nice restaurants/pub lunch venues for the following day will be greatly appreciated by any guests travelling further afield and aren't very familiar with the area. Using a website for this provides guests with helpful information all in one place, rather than them spending half a day searching the web for it themselves. Plus, everyone loves a recommendation!

Lastly, including a bio or a ’how we met’ page on the site can be very handy. If a guest only knows either the bride or the groom of the big day, this gives them a chance to get to know the the other half before the big day. It can also make the website more personal and if the way you met is particularly sweet, it adds a romantic touch to the site.

Ultimately... wedding websites are a great add on to planning your wedding so it is worth considering in your planning process

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