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Wedding in a Winter Wonderland: How to Warm Up Your Guests this Season

Winter is here and while the weather is decidedly dreary, winter weddings don’t have to be! There is something magical and romantic about winter, making it the perfect season to get wed and start your life together.  If you have a winter wedding planned but aren’t sure how to accentuate the romance of the season, we have some top tips for you, with a little inspiration from Wedding Ideas Magazine.

The Venue

If you are looking for a venue that perfectly suits a winter wedding, a room with a roaring log fire is surely a must – just be careful with long trains or you may end up hotter than anticipated!  Country houses are great for winter as the large reception areas often enjoy large fireplaces and rich colours and fabrics.  To add your own stamp to the proceedings, choose warming colours like a deep red or orange to light a fire inside your guests, reminding them that a cosy winter atmosphere is perfect for sharing such a special moment.

A winter wedding should be close enough to Christmas that adding some festive elements can only enhance the festive emotions of the day.  Using scented candles and room diffusers is an excellent way to help your guests imbibe the atmosphere and scents such as spiced apple or warm vanilla and cinnamon are perfect for the season.  Using delicate Christmas decorations can help create a wintry vibe without appearing tacky, just stay away from the tinsel!

The Photos

With winter comes some fabulous photo opportunities; black and white pictures are enhanced by the change in natural light that winter brings, and the presence of snow can really add a magical fairytale element to the photos.  If you aren’t lucky enough to get real snow, it is always possible to ship in some fake snow which can be a better option than confetti and keeps with the winter theme.

The weather can be temperamental at best so it is advisable to keep a brolly handy; however there is no reason an umbrella can’t be included in your wedding photos.  Have each bridesmaid pick a style and colour that suits them so that the photos have an eclectic and personalised touch, or if you would rather have a more unified look, a classic white parasol in lace resembles a snowflake and is a perfect way to showcase a beautiful wintry bride.  Don’t underestimate the power of fake fur too – a beautiful shoulder shrug can give brides a vintage glamour.

Bits & Bobs

Of course, your guests can take back memories of their experience in the winter wonderland with various gifts and favours perfectly matched to the theme.  Perhaps a pair of gloves in a material of your choice; for larger budgets try personalised silk gloves, or for lower budgets a simple pair of cotton gloves in a colour suiting your scheme is a nice touch.  These gloves can be worn at the wedding or taken home and enjoyed, so every winter guests are reminded of the wonderful time they shared with you.

Mulled wine is a great addition to a reception and shows your guests you are really getting in to the theme.  Not only is mulled wine a winter time must, it is also very inexpensive to make but hugely popular.  Another nice touch could be to hand out luxurious blankets to your guests then inviting them outside to gather around a fire or perhaps watch a fireworks display.  Snuggling together under the blankets brings guests and the couple closer together, to share in a glorious moment.

With the sun going down early, the winter is truly upon us.  However cold it gets, there are ways to spice up your winter wedding to create a fairytale event of delicate glamour and warmth.

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