The age-old question that everyone planning a wedding asks… why are weddings so expensive? Well hopefully after reading this you will have the answer and also some sneaky tips to save for your big day.

Here in the UK, the average cost of a wedding will set you back around £27,000. How is it possible to spend that much money on just one day you ask and how is it possible that everyone thinks their wedding “doesn’t need to be fancy” will eventually spend more than they originally planned.

In order to answer the question, you have to understand that every little part of a wedding from the venue down to the styling of the bride's hair is all going to cost money. Let's take a look at the average price of most things you spend on a wedding.

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Know you have a basic idea of where all your money goes, you still, however, might be confused as to why it’s still going to cost you an arm and a leg. So weddings are so expensive because…

They Are Not Just A Party

One myth to bust is that suppliers will just decide to add a couple of zeros to the end of a quote when they hear the word wedding. But that simply isn't true. The level of service, the quality of the products, the materials used and the time taken to provide what you want is so much greater for a wedding than just a birthday party.

When you buy a bouquet of flowers for a friend you will just pop into a flower shop pick from a choice of pre-arranged bunches, pay and then go on your way. However, when you order a wedding bouquet, you will more than likely have at least consultation, you’ll exchange several emails picking the right colours and types as your bouquet will be made just for you. Your flowers will also be delivered to you on the morning of your wedding and will be bespoke to you.

So yes, it’s still technically a bouquet, but it’s a pretty special one, and a lot of more time, effort and skill has gone into making it. The same rule applies will also apply to every single detail across your entire wedding.

They Are On A Much Bigger Scale

Imagine taking all your close friends and family out for drinks and getting the round at the bar - that would be pretty pricey. Now imagine taking them to a nice restaurant for a three-course meal and then add some wine. You are probably going to looking at around £10,000 mark and that’s even before the band, photographer and flowers.

Buying a birthday card will cost you around £2 and sending it in the post will add on another £1, now multiply all that by 150 and you have the cost of posting the most basic invitations. It’s not that your getting ripped off, it’s just what things cost when paying to wine, dine and invite 150 people.

They Are Time Consuming

There are so many wedding services where the work you actually see, it just a fraction of the time that goes into it all.

For example, let's look at wedding photography. Yes, your photographer may only be there for 8 hours of the day but they have also spent hours in consultations with you either over email or in person. And also after your wedding, they will be going through every single shot, selecting the very best one, doing touch-ups and packaging them up so you can easily show them off to family and friends. Editing the photos can almost take as long as actually taking them. Speaking of time-consuming things, A wedding dress can take hours upon hours of stitching and a wedding cake can take hours upon hours decorating - you get the gist.

It Takes A Lot Of People To Pull It Off And They All Need To Be Paid Fairly

From the seamstress making your dress to the waiter serving your food and drinks, a lot of man hours go into creating your wedding day. Anyone who has looked into planning a marquee or dry hire wedding where you need to bring your own staff will know how costly that can be.

Suppliers Really Know What They’re Doing

Yes, you can have your auntie make your cake, your best friend can do your hair and make-up and you know your cousin took that photography class. Sorted?

Perhaps not, as I bet they can’t do it to the same standard as if you were to hire out a professional. You need to think about important factors such as what if something was to go wrong if your best friend got sick or your cousin accidentally dropped their camera and no longer works.

When you pay professionals you will get professional service. Calling in favours is totally okay and people do it all the time but you don’t get the assurances if there is an issue. It’s really worth considering which elements of your wedding is so important to you, you’d only trust a professional to get them exactly right.

By hiring a professional, you will get someone who’s got the experience in their field and already done a lot of weddings in the past. You're essentially paying for their experience, skills, talent and the fact no matter what it takes they will deliver it to you.

Wedding Budgets Are Often Unrealistic

Weddings get a lot of slack for being pricey so its important from the very beginning to set your expectations and realising what exactly is achievable on your budget and what isn't.

You can have a beautiful wedding spending £5,000 and you can have a beautiful wedding spending £155,000. When someone tells you that they had their dream dress and suits, perfect flowers, bottomless prosecco and seemingly the best photographer and venue all for under 20 grand the truth it though, something would have had to give. Whether it’s the quality, the service, the execution, or someone in there that was being way underpaid or taken advantage of, you can be sure that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably will is.

In order to not being ripped off or spending a lot more than you wanted to, our advice would be getting into your wedding planning with as a realistic budget as you can which includes room for growth if needed. Research is a key factor here and the more you have an idea of how much each element will cost the more chance you will have sticking to your budget.