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One for the Groom: Things Grooms Wish They’d Known

The Telegraph wrote a wonderful story recently. So much focus with regard to weddings is around the bride; there’s the dress, the bridal party, the hair, the makeup, the walking down the aisle and everything in between (and it’s wonderful!). However it’s still nice for the groom to get some attention too!

The Groom’s Typical Role

After getting down on one knee and popping the question, many grooms tend to retreat until it’s time to watch their one and only glide down the aisle to say I Do. The world of “wedmin” is typically the bride’s bag as things get hectic and planning turns to mayhem.

It’s fascinating therefore to get a groom’s perspective on this typically female-dominated occasion. Here are what The Telegraph uncovered as some things grooms wish they would have known.

1. Crying
It’s the top thing grooms wish they’d known! That they will cry like a baby. We’re all giant sensitive souls underneath all that bravado!

2. That High Feeling Like You’re Flying
“Like a drug” is how some grooms describe their wedding when the emotion hits them unexpectedly. When you’re distanced from all the manic preparation and arrive at the day somewhat unprepared it’s often overwhelming for grooms and can invoke euphoria in even the most emotionally hardened of individuals.

3. Flying Solo
One groom wished he’d spent more time with his brand new wife on his wedding! With the demands of relatives, friends and upwards of 100 people to tend to – spending time with your other half can be tricky. This one was particularly interesting to learn for the Jollybrolly team.

4. No Dawdling
Building on the above, with huge amounts of guests each with their own personal relationship with the happy couple, time is most definitely of the essence and you can’t spend too much time talking to any one guest on the big day. Another valuable lesson from grooms!

5. Dancing Dominance
Or not as the case may be! A surprising number of grooms wish they could dance or had taken dance lessons as their big moments become fumbled and clumsy.

6. The Wedding Night Myth
Although it’s meant to be the most mind-blowing night of your life in the bedroom reality bites for a lot of grooms. Whether it’s alcohol induced, you’re both understandably knackered or anything else – enjoy but don’t expect masses of fireworks it seems from a groom’s perspective come night time on your wedding day!

It’s lovely to hear a groom’s perspective and we hope this helps grooms the world over!

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