Weddings are expensive, it’s a well-known fact. With so much for the bride and groom to organise, the costs soon mount up to a hefty sum which is often more than a down payment on a house! However, weddings can also be expensive for the guests, and recent research reveals that the costs are on the increase, but why?


More pre/post wedding events

Although the actual wedding is of course the main event, there are many other activities that surround this big day such as the engagement party, hen do, stag do, thankyou meals and many more, many of which have only begun commonly springing up over the last few years. Each of these events require a gift to be given in celebration, and these costs can soon mount up!

Travel expenses

As the happy couple to be get more adventurous, they like to take a trip away to somewhere extra special, be it abroad or just somewhere else in the country. These travel expenses can soon mount up, particularly for those close friends and relatives that are granted the honour of being invited to celebrate with them far away!

Two-night celebrations

This goes hand in hand with weddings abroad, couples often make a weekend of the celebrations. By doing this, they get more quality time with those loved ones that they rarely get to see. However, naturally, this incurs an extra cost.


Particularly with the rise of social media, no one wants to be caught in the same outfit at different weddings, so the need to buy a fancy new frock for each event through the year soon becomes a pricey aspect! By the end of the year you are likely to have an impressive weddings outfit collection, paired with many coloured umbrellas to match any outfit!