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A Bouquet of Brollies: Customise Your Wedding Adornment

Weddings are wonderful occasions, but boy is there a lot of tradition – and a lot to think about and coordinate.

With so many opting for the traditional it can be a welcome change if the bride adds a difference, a small subtlety to make her mark on her big day…check out this image on our Pinterest board.

The bride, instead of opting for a traditional bouquet has decided to customise her wedding umbrella! The subtle array of pink tones are blended together perfectly to compliment her pale pink dress. The groom has even taken hold of it for a picture whilst the bride looks happily behind her, creating a wonderful image. This unique difference to a classic tradition shows yet another way the humble brolly can make a stand. I’d take care when throwing this one in the traditional bouquet throw after the ceremony though!

You Only Get Better With Age
In other news the Daily Mail released a wonderful story recently about the rise in marriage…among over 65’s! Read on for the main points:

• Weddings among over 65’s jumped by 25% in 2012
• For 10% of pensioners tying the knot this was their first foray into wedded bliss
• Research suggests marriages between older couples are less likely to end in divorce
• Taking all the statistics from all age groups, the average age of a bride now is 34, up from the previous age of 29
• More couples now choose church weddings than ever before – up 4.6%

So, the phrase “it’s never too late” has never been truer! We, at Jollybrolly think it’s wonderful that the institution of marriage can span so many decades – ah…to be old and foolish!

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