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From Westeros to Around the World: A Look at Two Very Different Weddings

Whilst some people love the idea of a traditional wedding, others look to more eccentric ways of getting married. Here we take a look at a Game of Thrones themed wedding and a couple who have travelled the world exchanging their vows.

A Game of Thrones Wedding

The literary superpower that is Game of Thrones has taken the world by storm as its television version continues to be an enormous success. The mix of political intrigue with swords and dragons has attracted legions of fans. However, some fans are a little more dedicated! The couple in the video below won a competition to have their very own Game of Thrones themed wedding, complete with castle setting and detailed character costumes. The groom took on the role of John Snow and the bride chose elegant Daenerys Targaryen as her inspiration!

Themed weddings are an excellent way of making the special day even more memorable. To celebrate in something that you as a pair are passionate about is a perfect way to get lost in the moment. It is also an immersive experience for your guests who get to share in your quirks and enjoy a fun experience that’s a little more out of the norm.

Around the World Weddings

If you are struggling to decide on a wedding destination, why not try them all?! The Daily Mail recently reported on a couple who exchanged vows in every country they visited on their round-the-world travels – a total of 66 weddings! Although they are yet to have a ceremony that is legally binding, they have experienced a variety of traditional weddings in countries like Peru, Guatemala, South Africa and the USA. The couple quit their jobs and sold their belongings to fund their incredible journey, and have not looked back. Despite not having found a ceremony perfect enough to be legally binding for them, they have travelled the globe learning about all sorts of traditions, from the historical Zulu weddings in Africa, to a vampire-themed ceremony in Los Angeles.

Would you give up all your worldly possessions to travel the world searching for the most perfect wedding you could imagine? It may be an idea that has romance written all over it, but the practicality of it could leave some, more traditional couples in a cold sweat.

Regardless of where you get married, it is all about the one you are become betrothed to, the one who will travel with you on your metaphorical life journey – so whether you wed on an elephant in the jungles of Thailand, or exchange vows under a shared umbrella beneath a waterfall, the beauty of your union will surely outweigh your surroundings.

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*Image courtesy of Flickr.*

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