It’s been a wet and windy start to 2016 with a record number of storms and flooding meaning plenty of hours spent tucked up at home, this may mean your children’s patience may start to be waning a little!

On rainy days it’s hard to come up with more ways for your kids to be entertained and to limit restlessness, so with that in mind here are 6 rainy day activities to entertain your little ones.

Play dress up - Pull out all the play clothes, along with some of Mum's high heels, Dad's old sporting equipment, and whatever else you can find, and let your kids create the craziest outfits they can imagine. Just don’t leave Mum’s lipstick with them!

Homemade Play-Doh – This super simple way of making the popular substance has never been easier; Just use flour, water, cream of tartar, salt, vegetable oil and whatever food colouring you want to use up. Just mix together and you will have hours of fun.

DJ Kids – Jump on iTunes and introduce your child to new music and genres, encourage them to make their own playlist with a theme of your choosing.

Make a Film – Challenge your kids to create their own short film, let them think of an idea and then film it on your camera or phone. With easy to use editing apps, your kids will be on the big screen by the evening!

Indoor treasure hunt – Pick up some small goodies from the shop such as sweets or tiny trinkets and dot them round your house. Supply clues to your children and watch them whittle away the hours hunting for the gold! If you have a spare magnifying glass and cape that only adds to the fun!

We suggest heading over to Jolly Brolly and shopping our fantastic range of kids umbrellas, then head out with your little ones into the wet English weather. Jump around in puddles and run wild with the safety of your new stylish umbrella!





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Photo by: Fred Mancosu