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Wet weather to hit the UK this weekend, don’t forget your umbrella!

It’s been a strange week for weather here in the UK, albeit warm. Throughout the week we have seen significant spells of sunshine for most of the day before the black clouds form and we’re bombarded with thunder and lightning before it returns to clear skies again. Thankfully it has been warm with temperatures hovering around 15°C, but that’s set to change in time for the weekend.

We suggest visiting us online and picking up one of our fantastic dome umbrellas to help protect you this weekend as the Met Office has reported heavy rain, thunderstorms and even snow for the weekend.

The meteorological agency has issued a severe weather warning for snow in north Scotland tomorrow morning with a warning in force tonight for heavy rain in central England. It’s going to feel especially cold after the warm weather with temperatures in the day set to not reach above 9°C.


London 9°C/3°C

Plymouth 9°C/2°C

Birmingham 8°C/1°C

Manchester 8°C/1°C

Newcastle 9°C/1°C

Edinburgh 8°C/0°C

If you’re on high ground over the weekend you will possible encounter sleet and snow wherever you are in the country so don’t forget your dome umbrella!


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Photo by: Giulimar



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