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What Every Modern Woman Needs In Her Handbag

Whether you’ve just bought a brand new handbag and you’re wondering how to fill it like a pro, or if you’re just in the mood for replenishing your old one so that you never feel lost without the essential things in life, here are a few ideas for items you might like to consider.

First of all, how about a pack of tissues. They can double up for so many things. If you have a spillage in a coffee shop, or if you need to blot the inky greeting on a birthday card you just wrote, tissues can come in very handy.

Definitely carry a notepad and pen if you like making notes when you’re out and about. A phone app can do the trick, but sometimes the old fashioned ways are your best bet. Doesn’t matter if it’s a shopping list or ideas for your latest invention, it’s handy to carry pen and paper. Start your novel. Plan a revolution. You need paper.

Have you seen the latest designs of handbag umbrellas nowadays? There was a time when you wouldn’t trust them in a slightest, but nowadays quality handbag umbrellas are really robust and exactly what you need if you want to keep your style in a shower of rain on your way somewhere important. Great for travelling too.

A safety pin or two hidden in your bag can make the difference between a disaster and a disaster averted. When you suddenly hear a tear that needs a quick repair, or you have an inaccessible phone socket that won’t seem to clear itself, the humble safety pin is as versatile and indispensable for the modern handbag as ever.

A last thought for contemporary women on the move is a phone charger. They don’t cost the earth, they can handle several battery charges, and they’re small enough for a handbag. Great for keeping you online all day, and a perfect facility for making friends on the spot if you run into someone desperate to recharge their phone.

No fully resourced handbag can do without a small bottle of water for essential dehydration. Add a small snack to that and if you get stuck in a lift you’ll be fine for hours.

With all those resources you’ll be the Bear Grylls of handbags!

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