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What's Better At The Beach: Sunscreen or A Beach Umbrella

Will you be heading down to the beach this summer? If so then you may be tempted to seek some kind of shade when the sun gets that little bit too hot. You may turn to the use of a beach umbrella and just forget the sunscreen, however, a new study says that shade from a beach umbrella provides far less effective sun protection than a high SPF sunscreen.

The study, states that yes, staying in the shade is effective in reducing the amount of exposure to ultraviolet rays in general, but the magnitude of reduction may be less than many people believe.

The study looked at two groups of fair skinned people and exposed them to three and half hours of sun. One group stayed under a sun protection factor beach umbrella, while in the meantime the other group wore sunscreen with an SPF of 100.

Researchers found that the group that was only covered by the beach umbrella had significantly more sunburn than the group who were protected with sunscreen.

Researchers compared shade provided by a beach umbrella with protection from a high SPF sunscreen as a benchmark since seeking shade and applying sunscreen are the two most popular sun protection measure while out enjoying the sunshine.

So, Sunscreen is best!

So, to put is blank sunscreen is your best bet for protection from the sun’s damaging rays. If you are wearing a bathing suit then you should be putting about an ounce of sunscreen on at a time, about as much you would fill a shot glass. Be sure to re-apply every two to three hours and more frequently if you are perspiring. Also if you go swimming reapply after that too.

Another solution that works well with sunscreen is SPF clothing because it allows people more freedom of movement than just being stuck under a beach umbrella.

The best part about the clothing is that it doesn't matter the angle like you would with an umbrella and you don't have to reapply like you do with sunscreen, There are downsides to each of these different entities, so if you use them all together, they actually do help each other in order to protect you better.

So if you are heading off somewhere warm and sunny especially coming from a colder temperature climate this summer, be aware that your skin has less built protection then those who live in hotter climates. So it’s best to apply and reapply sunscreen liberally in order to avoid getting burned and permanently damaging your skin.

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