Golf umbrellas are one of the most important golf accessories and you are sure to find one in any golfer's bag.

Not only does it provide protection from any bright sunlight but comes in very handy for the odd downpour.

Compared to your standard umbrellas, golf umbrellas are larger in size and are built to a higher standard that will defend you against the elements that you should face while out on the course.

If you are considering in purchasing a golf umbrella here is some key points to keep in mind.

Go for a wider canopy as the bigger the better certainly holds true in this case. Your golf umbrella should ideally be big enough as it will not only provide you ultimate protection to you and also your clubs.

Another thing you should look into is that if the umbrella has been wind tested, wind speed can go really high in the open courses and a specially designed golf umbrella can hold up well against winds speeds as high as 55 mph.

Traditionally umbrella shafts are made up of metal, however, these can be a little heavy and may also suffer from lightning hazards. It is preferred to buy a golf umbrella with a fibre shaft. These are lighter in weight, more flexible and provide ultimate safety.

Now you know the basics of what we would recommend when buying an umbrella for you or someone you know, why not take a look at the highly rated golf umbrellas we have in stock!