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Magical White Wedding Umbrella Lights

Let’s talk wedding lighting. Lighting is one of the best ways to set the tone for your big day and whether you’re indoors or outdoors there are plenty of ways to use it to your advantage.

There’s a lot of ways you can incorporate fairy lights into your decor and surprise: white wedding umbrellas look magical as lights decorations!


Whilst fairy lights aren’t always the most purse friendly purchase- think of them as an investment. Whatever style you go for they will be reusable and you’ll be able to make use of them far beyond whatever you’ve allocated towards your flower or booze budget!

This is probably the most versatile way to light your big day and don’t get us started on all the ways you can repurpose them once you’ve started married life. Christmas? Sorted. Little Girls Room? Sorted. Not So Little Girls Room? Sorted. Cosy Reading Nook? Sorted.

But what wonderful ways can you make use of them on your wedding day? The options are equally as diverse.  We’ve gathered together some of the best examples of romantic ‘mood lighting’ we could find. Sit back, relax and get inspired!

Dress up the trees at your venue. Stringing fairy lights around the branches of the trees or bushes at your venue is a beautiful way of adding light to the occasion. You can opt for warm or cool whites, just be sure that the lights you choose are designed for the outdoors and long enough- you may need more than you think!

Create a ceiling of light. If you and your guests are seated outdoors one of the best ways to use your fairy lights is to string them up as a ceiling of light a top your guests- dreamy! This also works particularly well if you are seated in a clear tent or building with a glass roof.

If you’re worried that a fairy light ceiling won’t offer the best shelter from the elements- we’re totally with you! Why not use white wedding umbrellas to create a whimsical canopy and string up your fairy lights through the umbrellas. Not only is this approach pretty unique but its hugely practical too!

If you have opted for a teepee or marquee style service why not wrap your lights around all the unsightly pegs and poles keeping your canopy up? You won’t need quite as much length to achieve this but the impact is still exquisite!

A great way to use fairy lights indoors is to hang them from the ceiling right the way down to the floor creating a beautiful curtain of light.

Or if you’re short on time just stuff them in a good old mason jar for a rustic look!


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