Autumn has arrived and with it comes torrential downpours, cold weather, flooding, gale-force winds and even a mini hurricane. The forecast isn’t looking good moving forward as reports prepare weather warnings across the country. However, certain areas of the country appear to be getting worse weather than others.


A rainy picture of a person walking with an umbrella

According to the Met Office, the mountainous or hilly areas located in the UK are more likely to receive rain than other areas due to Atlantic weather systems. Weather systems more commonly move from west to east across the UK. As the systems move the amount of rain they release is reduced. However, mountainous areas cause a lot of rainfall because the clouds are too heavy to move over areas where there is higher ground. For example, the Lake District, Snowdonia, Dartmoor, Exmoor and parts of Northern Ireland all share high elevations and are more likely to receive rain.

If you live in the west or the north of the country this is why you may be experiencing more rain than other areas. As weather reports suggests a continuation of bad weather over the next few months, there is a definite need for a good umbrella.

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