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The reasons why we love that spring has arrived

Have you looked outside lately? We’ve had a few snowfalls and icy patches, but, at last, it seems that spring is here. What’s not to love about spring? It’s the seasons of fresh starts and new beginnings. It’s the time when we can shake off the winter blues and look towards the summer months. Those are just some of the reasons why we love spring, but there are so many others...


First of all, the colours change. Since Christmas, you might have found yourself wandering round in darker colours and warm jumpers, but with the change in the season, you can have a spring in your step. Beautiful colours in nature mirror the kinds of seasonal trends we see around - subtle shades that help to bring everyone to life. You don’t have to pack away the jumper completely yet, but you could invest in some more lighter alternatives to wear on the brighter days.

April showers don’t have to be dreary. That fresh sprinkling of rain keeps the garden watered and also gives you a chance to strut your stuff with that fab new white umbrella. Walking through the park one afternoon, twirling it as you stroll, you can imagine yourself in a Hollywood movie. And if there’s a real downpour, you could always imagine yourself singing in the rain. Just a thought...

Are you still wearing winter boots? Now is the time to break out this season's new sandals. Maybe not every day, but occasionally you might find that letting your feet breathe. The springtime air will lift your positivity and make life feel a little bit brighter and breezier.

Perhaps the number one reason to love spring is the thought of spending more time in beautiful places with those we love. If you have a few hours spare at the weekend, remind yourself that spring is here. Why not switch off Netflix, grab a picnic, call a few friends and go in search of bluebell woods?

Spring is a great excuse for getting excited about life again. Spread some love and joy, whilst getting outside will allow you to work up an appetite for all those impending Easter Eggs!

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