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Will you be adding a wedding umbrella ritual to your ceremony?

In many cultures, there are rituals involving umbrellas that symbolize many different things, from fertility, good health and fortune, and shelter from the storms ahead, and we are here to give you a little insight into just a few of these. Who knows, maybe this would make the perfect addition to your very own wedding?

In France, newlywed couples and their close family often dance under a giant decorated umbrella or parasol as guests throw paper ribbons over the top, offering their congratulations, luck and love to those that stand beneath. This shows the coming together of the two families under one roof, and celebrating the occasion!

This next ritual has developed from the French creation above, with the idea of agreeing to protect each other and stand by each other’s side through any storms or battles that they may face. The physical attribute of it is that the bride and groom stand together underneath an umbrella whilst their family or friends pour confetti or rose petals over the umbrella to symbolise the troubles they may face in life drifting past them. This certainly makes for truly beautiful photographs and will be something a little different that everyone is sure to remember.

In China, the tradition is for the bride to wear a red veil as she walks through the wedding procession, accompanying her side will be her mother, holding a red umbrella over her head. It is said that this will encourage fertility in future life and also symbolises true love with the joining together of the two red colours. A sign of the mother passing on her good fertility through the family to keep their heritage alive.

Although maybe not so much a ritual, historically, umbrellas have always been a part of the wedding ceremony, be it sheltering the loved-up couple from the wind, rain or even the sunshine! They were even once a sign of social status, with only the most upper class having their very own occasion umbrella that perfectly matched their delicate outfits!

With such a range of beautiful bridal umbrellas, kid’s umbrellas and coloured umbrellas, you needn’t be caught off guard with the weather, and we promise that they will give you a wonderful and quirky aesthetic, adding an extra special element to the day of your dreams!

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