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Will you need an umbrella today? Ask AccuWeather

The popular Android weather app AccuWeather have released an update this week that can help you to have a better idea of whether you will be needing an umbrella to conquer the Great British weather!

Although weather apps are great for looking at the daily weather overall, it is often difficult to gauge the accuracy for certain hours in the day, providing only a brief indication in relation to the probability of rain.

However, the latest update on AccuWeather reveals a much more detailed weather guide for the following two hours, as well as added tables, graphs and figures helping you to plan for the following days and weeks. These updates are very handy for those who like to be kept up-to-date on the weather, particularly useful for the days and hours leading up to your wedding ceremony or sporting event to put your mind at rest weather-wise! So if you are planning on heading out and cannot decide yourself if you will be in need of a trusty brolly, ask the app and make sure that you are never caught off guard!

The update also brought along a variety of other features such as a ‘dark-theme’ which enables easier viewing for the users, as well as meaning that the app uses less battery whilst in this theme. The last thing you want is a weather app draining all your battery on the big day.

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Image: 若昔难得 under Creative Commons

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