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Will you be needing a brolly this bank holiday weekend?

With the wild weather we have seen this week, many are wondering what the weather will do as the bank holiday weekend approaches, as many of our plans are determined by the weather. Here we have a brief summary of whether you will need to bring a brolly for whatever your weekend holds:

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Saturday looks as if the weather may hold out with a mixture of clouds sunshine for the southern parts of the country, however it should remain fairly dry and warm around 17C to 22C. The northern parts of the country including Scotland have a high chance of heavy rain, plans can still go ahead although it is certainly brolly weather for those wishing to venture outside, and with temperatures remaining quite low at 14C to 18C you may need a few extra layers.


Again, Sunday will bring rain for most parts of Scotland with the addition of South England, although Northern England and the Midlands are looking a little brighter, the chances of a showers on Sunday are still fairly high, with Sunday looking to have the highest rainfall of the long weekend. However, the evening should start to see the rain clear up over most of the UK in preparation for Monday.


It seems that Monday will prove to be the best day for weather of the weekend for most parts of the UK, although there will still be clouds looming, it should stay rather dry and brighten up a little. With temperatures reaching above average on Monday, this would be the best day to set plans to venture outdoors.

Whatever your plans for the weekend, we strongly recommend bringing your umbrella to ensure you are not caught off guard, as the chance of showers are more than likely over the weekend all over the UK. We have a wide range of blue, red and green umbrella varieties available for every occasion, from weddings to everyday use.

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