When weather fails at the golf course a good windproof golf umbrella is a golfer's best friend. A father-and-son team, Arnold and Steve Asman, invented a golf umbrella that can withstand winds of up to 60 miles an hour.



The Gustbuster umbrella has a double canopy, with a series of vents in the main canopy covered by the smaller canopy. With standard windproof golf umbrellas, the wind rolls around the canopy and forces the edges up, flipping or inverting the entire umbrella. But the Gustbuster's vents allow the wind to pass through. At the same time, the second canopy keeps the water out.

Vented windproof golf umbrellas are not new. But what makes this one different are the two-inch strips of elastic that run along each main rib connecting the canopies. The strips stretch under wind pressure and keep the umbrella from inverting.

All the testing for the  Gustbuster happened at the College of Aeronautics, across the street from La Guardia Airport. A wind machine has been revved up to 65 miles an hour while Steve Asman held his Gustbuster, firmly, with the underside directly facing the wind. He also angled the windproof golf umbrella a few ways, to simulate the different directions the wind can blow from in the real world.

The umbrella was held in front of the wind machine for four or five minutes, and it did not invert.

Steve Asman began to introduce the umbrella at professional golf tournaments. Most of the pros Asman first approached were not excited. But the senior tour player Bruce Crampton was, and he opened doors among his peers for Asman. The windproof golf umbrella caught on.

Steve Asman says his golf umbrella is the most widely used umbrella on the PGA, Senior PGA and L.P.G.A. tours. This winter the pro tours were plagued on the West Coast by El Nino, and everyone hated the constant rain and wind. Except the Asmans.