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Winter is coming! So here's 10 Ways to Beat the Cold

Yes, it feels as if summer has only just ended, but the autumn leaves have already turned and winter is well on its way. Here are some top tips for making sure you stay cosy and warm this winter; from home improvements to winter holidays, there are so many things you can do to avoid the cold this winter!


1- Layers. Keeping yourself warm with a few extra layers of clothing is much cheaper and more effective than cranking up the heating. Layers are really effective as they trap air and keep you feeling warm.

2- Keep active. Think about ways to get the blood circulating. It’s a great way to keep warm, and it’s great for the body too, as well as the physical feel-good factor.

3- Go outside. This may seem counter-intuitive, but one way to fight the season’s elements is to go out into the great outdoors and enjoy the weather. An umbrella, scarf, winter coat and hat should keep you warm enough to have some fun!

4- Get your boiler serviced. If it’s been a while since a heating engineer took a look at your installation, it may be worth checking that everything’s working efficiently. You never know, you could be wasting money if things aren’t working quite as they should.

5- Go on holiday. How about a spot of winter sun? It may be breezy in the UK this time of year, but hit the beach somewhere else and you could top up that tan!

6- Cosy furnishings. There’s something really warming about having a plush carpet to sink into or some fluffy cushions. Why not invest in some cheap soft furnishings and candles to warm up your room for the winter.

7- Make soup. Lots of people swear by delicious hot steaming vegetable soup to keep them warm in the winter months. The added benefit is that it can be a simple way to top up your 5-a-day!

8- Do things together. Think about a cosy film night as a family with a big blanket to snuggle under, take this opportunity to engage in some quality time with your loved ones.

9- Check the loft. Is your home insulation as it should be? Make sure you’re not losing the warm air through poor insulation, and if you need to upgrade your heating system, think of it as an investment; you’ll certainly appreciate it when the cold really sets in!

10- And finally, shut the door. This may seem obvious, but definitely worth remembering to cut down on costs and get rid of any nasty drafts. Close the door on the cold winter air and keep the warmth inside.

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