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Why Winter Golf Is Better Than Summer Golf

Golf enthusiasts don’t all love playing in the rain, hence the term fair weather golfer, which tends to be applied to those who only go out on the course when the sun is shining and there are no dark clouds on the horizon! But when you’re armed with a golf umbrella, you don’t have to be afraid of a few raindrops. In fact, many people prefer to play in the winter months! Don’t believe us? Here are some reasons why we think winter golf could even be the better choice.

Some people are keen to remind the world that golf was always intended to be played in the summer. But if anyone says that to you, make sure you remind them that it was in Scotland that the game was invented, and summer in Scotland is a whole different ball game! Fair weather in Scotland can include a smattering of hailstones mid morning and a flutter of snow after lunch without anyone batting an eyelid. Does that mean the golf stops? Certainly not.

In the winter months, you get the seasoned players on the course rather than those who are easily deterred. Most people are likely to prefer watching a game on the television to getting out in the mist and playing it, which means the course is still perfectly playable, but also nice and quiet. No parking queues, no waiting for the next hole. Just golf. Quite an incentive.

Out of season, the cost of a game is likely to be lower. That means you might even be able to pick up some cheap lessons to work on your strokes. Winter memberships are an option. Just grab a golf umbrella and get out on the course for some cut-price practice.

The countryside in the winter can be breathtaking, and no less on a stunning golf course. If the ground is frozen you might be forgiven for getting frustrated on the putting green, but on the upside you’ll have the chance for some really long shots too. And with winter is a change in the rules. If there’s mud on the ball you don’t just have to factor it in, you can physically pick it up, clean it and replace it. No nonsense. Much better.

For all those reasons, we’d say that winter golf is far more fun than summer golf. With the right multipurpose golf umbrella (also great for a drizzly bonfire night with the family, and romantic springtime walks in the woods) golf in the winter is the best golf of all.

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