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Winter Wedding Do’s and Don’ts

The temperatures are definitely dropping and for you, the wedding bells have started ringing. Weddings are no longer just a spring and summer affair.

More couples are opting for the later parts of the year like autumn and winter, so if you are getting married this year or have plans to in the coming years then here is our list of the Dos and Don’ts you should be putting into place before the big day.

Don’t Be Afraid of Colour

Try and not feel too obliged to stick to the classic winter palette of White, Silvers and greens which normally surround winter weddings. Think outside the box and go for bright and bolder colour choices. Why not create a tropical wonderland of Oranges, Yellow and Fuchsia? Sound counterintuitive but it can actually create a really fun and unexpected setting for all your guests.

Do Dress Your Bridesmaids in Style…

Throw out the rule book that says you should dress your bridesmaids on heavy material just because it's a winter wedding. It is completely okay to choose a strapless dress over long sleeved, or light silk compared to double-faced satin, as long as it works with your wedding style and your bridesmaids are comfortable with it. Plus, you will probably have the heating on in the venue and they will 100% appreciate being dressed in something a little lighter especially when it comes to the dancing.

…But Don’t Allow Them to Freeze!

However, remember you can't be over picky about what they wear while your bridesmaids are outdoors, (which they will be even if it's just to dash from the car to the venue. If you have also opted for glitter heels that could be hazardous on icy grounds, be more than okay for them to totter around in trainers or boots in order to get them from one place to another. Obviously the most important though is providing them with coats as it's going to take more than just a cotton shawl to ward off the winter chills.

Do Create a Cozy Reception…

There are loads of ways to ensure your reception is an inviting space. With the sun setting early candles will create a romantic glow. In order to add some extra ambience bring in soft textures and rich colours in order to give a warmer feel. Think along the lines of ribbon tied napkins and furry throws in the lounge area.

But Don’t Let It Overheat

We know that it's cold outside but with a lot of people in an enclosed area, it can get warm very quickly. Especially with people dancing as well. If it seems like your guests are breaking a bit of a sweat ask the site manager of the venue or wedding coordinator to turn the heating a notch or two down. Another option if you are lucky enough to have separate thermostats for different areas of the reception area set the one nearer the dance floor just a couple of degrees lower as we promise you those few degrees will make a big difference.

Do Be Gracious to Your Guests…

There are tons of winter-inspired ways that you can use to thank your guests for joining you at your wedding. If it's the right side of Christmas personalised ornaments with their names is not only thoughtful but something they can use every year and remember just how good your wedding was. If you wish to go down the edible route why not give out hot chocolate with shortbread or gingerbread men to please the younger guests too.

…But Don’t Leave Them Out in the Cold!

If you are opting in to do a receiving line and greet your guests to the reception make sure you try and plan this ahead of time. If your ceremony has a large enough entryway or vestibule, you may be able to wait there and have your guests greet you after the ceremony. Just try and keep your guest's interests at heart and if you do decide to greet your guests as they arrive at the reception be wary of the temperatures and the fact guests at the back of the queue will be shivering and desperate to get indoors.

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