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Winter Wedding Umbrellas

The winter wedding season is upon as, but far from it being a crisp, cold, magical time, its wet,very wet. Take a look at this;

With yet more wet weather to come, never before has there been a more apt and appropriate accessory for a winter wedding than a wedding umbrella! Far from simply shielding the bride and groom against the incoming tides, they are now a fashion statement and come in a myriad of designs and colours. Take a look at a few of our favourites.

Clear Domed Wedding Umbrella

Click here to see this striking clear wedding umbrella on Pinterest. With a deep, domed shape this brolly makes this stunning image taken by Hunter Leone of ThreeNailsPhoto all the more beautiful.

Red and White Striped Umbrella

You wouldn't think red and white stripes on a wedding umbrella would work, but we found a great image online which you can view on our Pinterest "Wedding Umbrellas" board here. The clever detailing frames the couple, making for a beautiful photograph.

Lisbeth Dahl Classic White Umbrella

This Lisbeth Dahl is a classic white wedding umbrella with plenty of flouncy frills (perhaps one for the bride rather than the groom!). If you want a wedding umbrella in keeping with the traditional, this is a perfect design to choose and available in our Jollybrolly gallery. Click here to view.

Beige Scalloped Wedding Umbrella

Next we have a beige wedding umbrella with a dramatic, black trim. This still keeps broadly within typical wedding tradition but the change in shade along with the injection of black makes it that little bit more daring. This will look wonderful in photos. Click here to view.

Daisy Flower Decorative Umbrella

Flowers are a centrepiece at any wedding, so why shouldn't you keep the theme constant throughout all the decor? This pretty daisy design can deliver the perfect floral accompaniment, keeping in theme and keeping everyone from getting soaked. View it online here.

There we have it! From frills, to black, to lace to parasols we've got them all here! If you're part of a wedding and worried about the rain, take a look through our wedding umbrella collection online to safeguard you and your guests on the big day.

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