Some people have their heart set on a summer wedding because they imagine sunset on the beach and a beautiful holiday tanning themselves in the sunshine as they lie in luxury.

Others imagine that a winter wedding will have falling snow all the way down the aisle and magical candlelight casting a romantic shadow over the sharing of their vows. The theory sounds beautiful. But what are the real considerations?

First, think about the practicality of the venue. If you’re set on a summer beach wedding only because you saw it in a movie that time, remember that what might be achievable for a Hollywood director might not be so easy to arrange for your own dream wedding.

What looked so beautiful on screen might not actually be realistic for you on a beach in Dorset. On the other hand, if you keep it small scale and manageable you might just discover some beautiful touches that really will enhance your summer wedding, even without a flock of 1000 white doves.

Likewise, have you ever noticed how it always ends up snowing in winter weddings on TV and film? Well, that might not happen at your wedding. Trying to time your marriage to coincide with a white Christmas could be more trouble than its worth. But you could still use the darker evenings and the crisper air to bring your own brand of magic to the proceedings, and what about fireworks!

Think about how far ahead the season of your choice is. If winter is only a few weeks away, consider whether its likely the rest of the arrangements can really be carried out in time.

Wedding cakes and dresses take a few weeks and months to plan, and other services can often be booked up well in advance, so you may need to change the season for your wedding to be more realistic.

During the summer months, you’ll probably want lighter food that’s easy to digest and doesn’t get people too hot and bothered, but in the winter months, warming banquets are perfect, and maybe even hot chocolate at the reception to take the edge of the chilly air.

Talking of the weather, summer or winter, you could have a few umbrellas on stand-by to make sure all your guests and wedding party people are kept dry in the event of a shower.

Basically, choose your favourite time of year and have fun with the plans, and don’t feel it has to be perfect, to be perfect.