There are hundreds and thousands of blogs out there offering helpful wedding advice for budding brides and grooms to be the world over. But from helpful to horrible; good or well intentioned advice can soon go bad! We’ve had a good chuckle at some of the worst wedding advice out there, and gathered our favourite faux pas’ for your amusement!

Reception Slipups

One bride got told to kiss the Best Man during the toast if her new husband were not available!

Another bride was told in no uncertain term that the Macarena was the hot first dance choice of the moment!

Bride Blunders

One bride was informed that she should think of her hair – and a style that was soft and romantic and would last right the way through the honeymoon. Soft curls? Straight and dramatic? Feathered and flighty? Nope – a corkscrew perm was the recommended style!

One Mother of the Bride told her daughter that it was wasteful to buy a dress you were only going to wear once. So she ordered her to wear a gold number from her high-school prom on her wedding day.

Bridal Party Bloopers

These made us chuckle. One individual had some rather specific advice when it came to the issue of a pregnant member of the bridal party – we’ve taken the quote from the wonderful

“Reserve the first four months of [a bridesmaid's] pregnancy as possible dates that she might be in your wedding. After four months, you'd best ask her to pour tea. Nine months definitely is too late. Not only will she attract undue attention (and after all, you should be the central attraction), but she will be worn for a frazzle."


Then there was (another) incident with a MOTB (Mother of The Bride) – this enthusiastic Mum asked her daughter to invite perfect pretty strangers to her wedding, as part of the Bridal party no less. The reason being so her brother could meet, and date them!

We also read suggestions of double weddings should you and a friend get engaged around similar times and a “rule” dictating older brides aren’t allowed typical wedding dresses or a real veil.

Our nonsense radar is off the scale.