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Pitbulls World Cup Theme Tune: Comical or Catastrophic?

World Cup fever is starting to form among avid football fans and with that comes a new interest in not just the sport, but in the country hosting this year's tournament at Brazil! Although Brazil's weather doesn't call for much use of traditional umbrellas, we've got some great parasols to help add some Brazilian colour to your summer. Here we have a look at a few interesting bits of trivia about the host nation of this year's World Cup, the sport which will be a talking point for many of us this summer and of course, the theme tune...

So, what are the facts about Brazil and their football heritage?

• Brazil are the only country to have appeared in every World Cup finals; 19 finals tournaments in fact from 1930 to 2010.

• South America and Europe are the only two continents to produce a World Cup winning team (ahem, 1966)

Rio de Janeiro has seen the highest ever attendance for a football match; over 199,000 people turned out to see Brazil face Uruguay in 1950

Rio de Janeiro itself is famous for its carnival, which has hundreds of participants and is one of the brightest and most well-established carnivals in the world, gaining international attention

The most common score in a World Cup final is 1-0, showing that every goal counts in a tournament showcasing the world's best players!

Brazilian Brollies

If you are hosting World Cup themed parties and BBQs this summer season, we stock some fantastic parasols in a myriad of colours to keep your guests cool and also bring some carnival-style fun to your event. The colours of the Brazilian flag are eye-catching and include yellow, blue and green, or perhaps you fancy brollies that represent your home countries flag? Look no further, Jollybrolly are your one-stop shop to gardenparty perfection this June!

The Theme Tune

Oh dear, perhaps something intended to get the party started but which quite badly misses the mark is this year's World Cup theme tune, sung by rapper and producer Pitbull. Although the song starts well enough with traditional Brazilian choirs, singing quickly disintegrates into something altogether more cheesy, and according to social media, it's not Pitbull's finest hour! Now we know that World Cup songs are notoriously bad, but for this song we think we'll be hiding behind our brollies rather than taking to the dance floor! Check it out for yourself.
What do you reckon?!

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