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These Have To Be The Worlds Coolest Umbrellas

You think you’ve seen a cool umbrella? Well, wait until you’ve seen some of these. All umbrellas are not the same, and this list is conclusive proof. So hold onto your umbrella handles as we present to you some of the very coolest designs in contemporary rain protection. 

First of all, how about the Senz Smart Umbrella. At first glance, it might look like a normal umbrella, but its special design is intended to avoid the problems of wind resistance so that you don’t get the sense that it’s suddenly going to fly inside out. Smart for the office, and sure to turn heads, we think the Senz is as cool for 2018 as the Fonz was in the seventies.

How about an umbrella that is courteous enough to make room for other people on a crowded street. The Polite Umbrella has a string attachment that draws the umbrella’s spokes in slightly as you go past - the umbrella equivalent of a walking apology. Likely to raise a smile, this umbrella is a great way of staying friendly with other pedestrians.

On the other end of the spectrum, we’ve noticed the ‘Umbuster’ which is possibly more on the gangster side of umbrella diplomacy. With your fingers slotted into this mean-looking handle, there’s no way you’ll be dropping it, regardless of whether there’s a passing breeze, an oncoming herd of buffalo, or a sudden invasion. On the more practical side, we reckon if Mary Poppins needed something to ensure her jetpack umbrella stayed attached to her hand, she might even go for this handle.

So, what about the problem of how dark it can get when it rains. We’ve got two possible solutions for you here. First of all, there’s the idea of filling your umbrella with LEDs. Not for the self-conscious, but certainly the kind of thing you’d expect Elton John or Lady Gaga to be seen in the rain, it’s an option. But for a more energy-saving alternative, we’d recommend the LightDrops umbrella, which is constructed from materials that turn the energy of falling rain into the light.

Finally, let’s hear it for the Superbrella, which fans of the Eden Project are sure to love, for its greenhouse visual appeal. When rain is falling at all angles, it’s not a problem with this umbrella, which looks a bit like a giant hamster ball with room for legs, or a makeshift festival shelter. Now, that’s cool.

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