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Where is the world’s windiest city?

When comparing average wind speeds and record breaking gales in breezy cities across the world there seems to be a clear winner.

New Zealand’s capital, Wellington, is said to be the world’s windiest city!

This windswept metropolis is situated on the 14 mile mountainous passage between New Zealand’s north and south islands. Uninterrupted winds from South America that blow west are funnelled into the narrow gap. This creates a wind tunnel effect, with the winds becoming faster and stronger.

This fast flowing flood of air pours into the harbour at a constant and average speed of 18 mph. The north side of the city bears the brunt of the windy weather, with the highest recorded wind speed being 154 mph. This is three times the speed of winds that would be classed as potentially dangerous and whole gale strength.

So what are the upsides to living in one of the world’s windiest cities?Famously, Wellington is a prime location for fans of windy water sports, attracting hundreds of kite-surfing, windsurfing and sailing enthusiasts every year.

Another upside is the potential for eco-friendly power sources. Wellington has 62 turbines set up around the city, which contribute to a large portion of the cities power. The windy weather also serves to blow away polluting exhaust fumes, making Wellington a super clean, green and pollution free place to live.

Other extremely breezy cities include Punta Arenas, Chile and Rio Gallegos, Argentina.

You may not live in one of the windiest cities in the world but the weather can still be a challenge at this time of year. We advise avoiding mangled brollies and soggy clothing by investing in a windproof umbrella, so you don’t get caught out in the rain!

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