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Cliché on the Big Day: The Worst Things to Hear as a Stressed Out Bride

Picture the scene: you’re at your wedding venue and the photographer hasn’t shown up, the caterer is late and the ice sculpture you hired for your dream reception is rapidly melting.  The stress levels are maxed out and you’re sure smoke is starting to plume from your ears – then old Auntie Jean comes up to you and says, “don’t worry love, every cloud has a silver lining”.  Helpful? No.  Annoying? Yes!  Here we look at some of the worst clichés you could hear at your wedding, with inspiration from Huffington Post.

Don’t cry over spilt milk!

So the caterer is late – so what? "No use crying over spilt milk".  Some may think saying this to a stressed out bride will remind her of the little things that are so important in life.  However, she may decide that spilt blood is better than spilt milk so it’s probably best to leave this one unsaid.

Let your hair down!

The ceremony is done and bride and groom are on the way to the reception when Uncle Joe says “gosh you must be looking forward to letting your hair down!”  Uncle Joe clearly has no idea how much time it took to get your hair up, so it will definitely not be coming down just yet.  Plus, there’s the first dance, the speeches and the cake cutting to think about next, no time for relaxation – that’s what the honeymoon is for!

…And the rest is history

Brides and grooms may not be best pleased to hear this gem of a cliché on their wedding day as it implies that whoever has been tasked with speeches has lazily ended theirs with an all-encompassing sentence.  “And the rest is history” is an excuse not to tell the whole story and get to the bar quicker – not a good idea for a stressed out bride!

It’s always in the last place you look

The rings went missing an hour before the ceremony and the stressed out couples, bridesmaids and groomsmen ran around like headless chickens searching for it, when finally they were found.  The bride should avoid a violent punch to the face when Grandma comes up to you and says, “Gosh it’s always in the last place you look eh?”  Yes Grandma, otherwise I would’ve found it by now.

Only time will tell

Hopefully not said to the bride’s face but just as stress-inducing if overheard, “only time will tell” is a rather unromantic implication that the marriage just witnessed will either be short-lived or that bets are being taken as to how long it will last.  Best taken with a pinch of salt (additional cliche noted!), and probably said by the least marriage-minded guest imaginable, this clichéd phrase is still enough get blood boiling.

All of the aforementioned clichés are bound to get a stressed-out bride to breaking point, but most are said with the aim of being helpful and relaxing.  Although it can be a little on the annoying side to hear a speech cut short with an “and the rest is history” or being told by an already intoxicated uncle that it’s "time to let your hair down", enjoy the atmosphere of the day safe in the knowledge that the honeymoon is right round the corner – and none of your guests are joining you!

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