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So you’ve prepared for the wedding, now prepare for marriage!

Okay, so you’re all set for the big day? Have you thought much about your lifetime beyond it? After all, you’re celebrating something very momentous and setting yourself up for a new life together, where many things will be done as a couple. So it’s worth thinking about what married life will be like; as well as the wedding.

Have you spent most of your time together doing things that are more like dating activities than the routines of normal life? If most of your together time involves watching movies, going for drinks or playing games, how about trying out some normal life chores and activities? Doing these will really show you what life is going to be like; for example: grocery shopping, gardening, planning the finances or walking the dog. Make sure that you’re going to be able to bear doing those things in each other’s company and cooperate. Of course you can look forward to the time you enjoy together on date nights and special occasions as well, but there may be some times that are not quite so fun, so be prepared!

Think about what’s important to both of you; if one of you is a fan of the outdoors, getting out in the rain under the cover of a black umbrella doing some hillwalking - and the other prefers spending weekends engaging in retail therapy, you need to think what kind of an impact this is going to have on married life. Think of each other and how you can come to a compromise on the things you do together and the things you do apart. Just because you are married that doesn’t mean to say that you have to spend every second of the day together; it is important to still spend quality time with your other friends and family also.

How do you get on with each other’s wider families? It’s worth investing some time and energy into building those relationships with people you’re going to bump into at family gatherings. Make an effort with all age groups within the family, and try your best to get along for the odd family event. Getting married is something that affects more people than just you two; it brings two families together as one.

Finally, think about your goals for the future. Have you discussed the kind of direction you’re each hoping your lives will lead? Talk about it now, as this will help to reinforce to one another that you know you are both on the same page and wanting to move in the same direction together.

Think about any life questions you may have and share them with one another, and then you should be ready for the marriage as well as the wedding!

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