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Wedding Umbrellas


Wedding umbrellas are specifically designed for one purpose - to protect your big day against the unpredictable UK weather! Our huge range of wedding umbrellas are perfectly suited for wedding receptions and parties, plus we offer packs of wedding umbrellas to help you cater for all your guests.

If you need a quick solution to bad weather on your wedding day, our Jolly Brolly wedding umbrella pack is perfect for you! Each pack contains 30 Jolly Brollies for your family and friends, plus two larger golf-sized umbrellas designed to cater for the bride, groom and main wedding party. If 30 brollies isn't enough, we can assist with additional packs or individual wedding umbrellas to meet your requirements. We offer white wedding umbrellas as well as ivory, cream and beige - any shade of bridal colour you may require. These brollies are also perfect as bridesmaids umbrellas and large black golf umbrella will suit the groom. 


Even if you're worried you've left things to the last minute, don't panic! Jolly Brolly offers an express UK next day delivery service to guarantee you get your white wedding umbrella in time for your wedding. If you have any questions about size, colour, style or quantity, give our friendly team a call and we'll be happy to talk you through the options.

If time is on your side, we also offer a fantastic branded wedding umbrella pack where you can add your initials, wedding date or unique symbol to your brollies - perfect if you want to create a memento of the day for your guests! Our in-house design service can help you with any requirements when it comes to style or design, so just get in touch!

If you need any further assistance or to place a wedding umbrellas order, give our team a call on 01202 237187!

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