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Discover our selection of top performance windproof storm umbrellas. We have the best range of colours and styles including stick and folding stormproof umbrellas, and all our windproof umbrellas have been wind tunnel tested to offer you the best possible protection against the elements - these are some seriously strong umbrellas! 

Our Blunt Umbrella range features classic windproof umbrellas, all designed with high-tension folding canopies that can withstand the strongest winds. The patented design boasts spring loaded 5mm fibreglass ribs that absorb any gusts to ensure maximum coverage and exceptional performance. All Blunt Umbrellas have been thoroughly tested in force 11 wind tunnels so you can be confident you've invested in a sturdy strong storm umbrella.


Looking for a more classic style? The vented windproof umbrellas features a special high performance vented double canopy which allows the brolly to effectively distribute airflow and greatly increase wind resistance. The storm umbrella also features a lightweight fibreglass shaft and high quality rust-proof materials making it the perfect companion for any inclement weather conditions. Whatever your style, we've got the perfect strong umbrella option if you are looking to invest in a serious weather solution!

Need a big umbrella? Check out our golf umbrella range - these are also available in the full range of colours and start at just £8.00 each! With a wide 120cm canopy when opened, these umbrellas will definitely cover 2 adults with ease. Our plain golf umbrellas are also free of logos or markings so they are perfect for large events and look great in photos.

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